My Stater Bros. and Albertsons Shopping Trips

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $12.74 and saved $11.40, which is 48%. Here's what I bought:
4 Hillshire Farms Sausage $ 1.99 each = $7.96
2 Hillshire Farms 5 oz. Lunchmeat $1.49 each = $2.98
White Peaches $.99/pound = $1.80

At Albertsons, I spent $11.12 and saved $14.76, which is 57%. Here's what I bought:
4 Lunchables $1.00 each = $4.00
4 Francisco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce $.99 each = $3.96
4 Essential Everyday Pasta $.79 each = $3.16

There was another mom shopping for the pasta sauce and pasta too, and she was doing what I was, checking to make sure she had the exact right product according to the store coupon. After we left that aisle, my 12 year old daughter commented that there was another "couponer" like me. When I got home and told my 15 year old that there was another mom like me, he teased, "You mean there was another crazy lady like you." :)