My Stater Bros. and Albertsons Shopping Trips

Yesterday at Stater Bros., I spent $19.46 and saved $14.20, which is 43%. Here's what I bought:
4 Kraft Dressing $.75 each = $3.00
6 Kraft Mac. and Cheese $.75 each = $4.50
3 Hostess $1.99 each = $5.97
2 Farmland Bacon raincheck for $5.00

At Albertsons, I spent $8.94 and saved $11.00, which is 56%. Here's what I bought:
4 Fritos/Cheetos $1.50 each = $6.00
2 Albertsons Bagels $1.49 each = $2.98

I decided to ring my things up at the self-checkout line, but when I checked my receipt, I was overcharged $5.96 because the register hadn't accepted my coupons and rang up double the amount of bagels. The cashier brought me to customer service and they just rounded it up and refunded me $6.00. They also gave me 4 game pieces and some coupons for extra points when I shop there again. That was very kind!