My Albertsons Shopping Trip

Yesterday at Albertsons, I spent $16.33 and saved $21.83, which is 58%. Here's what I bought:
3 Suave Kids Shampoo $4.98 - doubled $1 coupon = $2.98
4 Chicken of the Sea tuna $.49 each = $1.96
4 Chips Ahoy cookies $1.88 each = $7.52
1 Albertsons 6 pack blueberry bagels $1.49
1 Kelloggs Smorz Cereal $1.99

I usually shop here on Monday, but the tuna and cookies were only on a special Fri. - Sun. sale. Also, another customer noticed all the tickets we were collecting for the game going on at the store, and she asked if I wanted hers because she's not playing the game. That was very kind of her, and she had a lot of tickets! Are any of you playing the Albertsons game?