I Won The SweetTooth Sweepstakes

I won the biggest sweepstakes I've ever won! I won the Jelly Belly and Cold Stone Creamery SweetTooth Sweepstakes! It's a year's supply of jelly belly and cold stone ice cream. I received the prizes in two shipments.

First, I received the 3 Cold Stone gift cards worth $520.00 all together.

Second, I received the Jelly Belly prize. These boxes weighed 30 pounds each! My 15 year old son carried them in for me.

Inside those 2 big boxes were 9 smaller boxes.

Inside each of those 9 boxes are 12 8 ounce bags of Jelly Belly Ice Creamery mix jelly beans.

We are all so excited to have won these prizes! I've already given away 5 boxes of jelly beans to a couple of churches and the low income apartment complex that I give food to every month. We also gave a few bags of jelly beans away to friends and family. Of course, we've eaten a couple of bags of jelly beans ourselves too!

I tried to get the Cold Stone gift cards exchanged for smaller values so I can give those away too, but haven't been successful with that so far. Maybe, I'll just have to invite lots of people to go to Cold Stone with me for a free ice cream party.

Anyway, we are so blessed to have won these prizes and very blessed to have been able to give some away.