My Albertsons Shopping Trip

Today at Albertsons, I spent $9.24 and saved $20.66, which is 69%. Here's what I bought:
4 Ragu Pasta Sauce $.99 each = $3.96
6 Albertsons frozen vegetables $.88 each = 5.28

I really had to work hard to get those frozen vegetables for $.88. On the shelves they were all marked 10 for $10, so I checked my ad to make sure I was getting the right product. They also rang up at the cash register for $1.00 each. The cashier couldn't figure it out, so he called someone else over. She read the ad, and the fine print, and went to the frozen section to check it out. She came back and said I was right, everything was marked for $1.00, but the ad said $.88, so he needed to give me $.72 off. I told him that was a lot of work for $.72, but worth it because otherwise the vegetables would've been cheaper somewhere else. Anyone else ever had to work so hard for a deal before?