My Vons and Ralphs Shopping Trips

Yesterday at Vons, I spent $23.39 and saved $12.36, which is 35%. Here's what I bought:
4 Chicken of the Sea tuna $.49 each = $1.96
Asparagus $1.79/pound
Broccoli $.79/pound
Bananas $.47/pound
2 Refreshe soda $2.00 each = $4.00

My savings isn't as large as usual, because I also had to buy a $9.00 book of stamps. I can't believe how expensive stamps are now!

At Ralphs, I spent $8.68 and saved $6.95, which is 45%. Here's what I bought:
Eggs $.88
Cauliflower $.99/pound
3 Lean Pockets $5.00