Look What I Found!

Sunday, when my husband came home from golfing, he said he was going to wash his car and he wanted the kids and I to pull weeds in the backyard. There were a lot of weeds around the garden boxes, so that's where I started. At first, I was wearing my boots since I had to step carefully in the garden box to get to some of the weeds. Then, I had to start cooking dinner, so I took off my boots and went in the house to cook. While I was waiting for things to boil, I went back out, wearing my flip flops to pull some more weeds. Well, one time I looked down at my heel, which only had a sock on it, and saw something that looked like a big clump of leaves. As I looked closer, I saw it's huge beady eyes looking at me and realized it wasn't leaves! I screamed, dropped my gardening tools(good thing I did this or I would've hurt myself), and swatted at the mysterious bug. It didn't come off the first time, so I swatted harder. It came off, and I somehow stepped over the garden box in one giant step and ran screaming. My kids thought I was being chased by a bee(I'm scared of those too). I went out front and told my husband to please come get all of the gardening tools and bucket I left behind because I wasn't going behind the garden box again. Luckily, he found the bug, because if he didn't he would've never believed that I had a giant bug on my heel. He came over carrying it on a stick and asked me to take a picture of it. I called my parents and told them about my scary experience. They don't know why things like this always happen to me. Anyway, my dad says it's probably a moth that lays eggs for tomato worms. It's also what a tomato worm becomes after it's in it's cocoon. I hope my husband caught it before it had a chance to lay it's eggs. I certainly don't want to find another one of those again. Yuck!