What a Monday!

I had an awful day on Monday! First, my daughter and I were running errands and we were driving down the road when we saw something coming at us. We were on a road where there are a lot of trucks because there's a recycle drop off site(like for yard waste) and a cement place. So, at first I thought it was some gravel from a truck, but I realized there wasn't a truck in front of us, only behind us. Then, the horrible realization hit, it was a swarm of bees! Aah! I quickly closed all 6 windows in the van and just had to drive like normal and maintain control while I listened to the swarm of bees hit the windshield and the van. My daughter closed her eyes the whole time. When we got out of the car at Albertsons, we both jumped out as fast as we could in case there were any bees lingering around. At first I didn't see any, and then I saw one on the grill. I was kind of glad it was there because I wanted to have proof to show my older son and husband that we had actually run into a swarm of bees. Well, of course by the time we got home, it was gone. I did have bee guts on my windshield and side mirrors, but that dries up. I hope I never have to experience that again!

Second, I cooked chicken thighs in the oven for dinner that night. Some were in a glass pan, and the other in a metal pan. I took the pans out of the oven and put them on a hot plate on the counter. We all scooped up, ate dinner, and put away the dishes from the dishwasher. I went upstairs to do a load of laundry and I hear my daughter tell my youngest son not to move - he was still eating dinner in the kitchen. I'm still thinking about the bees, so I thought, did the bees follow us home and show up in the house? I ask what's wrong and she says there's something on the carpet. From upstairs, it looked like ice, so I told her my oldest son must have spilled ice when he got water. Well, he hadn't, so she says she thinks it's the chicken. So, I come downstairs and see that indeed, the glass pan the chicken was in, had exploded! There was glass everywhere! All over the kitchen counter, on the stove, the small appliances, in the metal pan, and all over the kitchen floor. My older son picked up his brother and carried him to safety to a couch in the great room. My daughter called my husband at work, and he said he would come home and help, although he's at least 40 minutes away. The first thing I did was thank God for keeping us all safe! My parents' phone was busy, so it was up to us to clean it up. My older son and I swept the kitchen floor, but after 3 times, we still kept finding glass. I dumped all of the dinner in the trash, even the rice, sauce and vegetables because I didn't want to take any chances since some glass had made it's way to the stove. My husband helped sweep the floor and counter when he got home. I cleaned the counter about 10 times before I stopped finding shards of glass on the paper towel. I didn't get to the dishes until 9:30 at night, 3 hours after dinner. What a mess! I'm thankful no one was hurt because we were all near the dish many times! Now my husband wants me to get rid of all our glass baking dishes and switch to Corningware or metal pans.

That was definitely a horrible Monday!