My Stater Bros. and Albertsons Shopping Trips

Monday, at Stater Bros., I spent $12.06 and saved $7.00, which is 37%. Here's what I bought:
Peaches $.99/pound
2 Mini cookies pack $.99 each = $1.98
1 Apple Jacks $1.99
3 Keebler Cookies $1.99 each = $5.97

My peaches went bad fast because of the heat. I tried to eat one of them today and it was gross. I tried a second one and it was the same. The other two aren't quite ripe yet, so as soon as they are, I'll put them in the refrigerator, so hopefully they'll stay fresh.

At Albertsons, I spent $4.31 and saved $2.22, which is 34%. Here's what I bought:
2 Michelinas $.88 each = $1.76
1 Gallon milk $2.55

The milk wasn't on sale, but we just got back from a few days vacation and needed milk.