My Stater Bros. Shopping Trip

Yesterday at Stater Bros., I spent $37.74 and saved $37.71, which is 50%. Here's what I bought:
Pears $.99/pound
Strawberries $1.50/pound
Whipped cream $2.29
6 Triscuit/Wheat Thins $1.99 each = $11.94
6 Lunchables $.88 each = $5.28
2 Ragu $.99 each = $3.98
1 Oscar Meyer hot dog $1.49
1 Oscar Meyer lunchmeat $2.49
2 Skippy $1.99 each = $3.98
1 Country Crock $2.49

I think 2 of my items weren't really the price I expected because when I got home, I realized I hadn't bought 2 Bryers ice cream that was on my list. You had to buy items in multiples of 4 to get the discount, so I made a mistake. I also now don't have enough ice cream for the week. It's difficult to shop with my son because, although he's well behaved, I'm paying attention to him, and not always totally focused on shopping.