My Son's Lab Results

Gratefully, it's been a very long time since I talked to you about my son's sicknesses. In fact, the last time was in Dec. 2010. Luckily, he's been doing really well for the past 2 years and the allergy shots and medicine he's on really seem to be helping him.

Well, every year the kids go for their physicals and have their blood tests taken. This year my son is 16. His blood test came back with high cholesterol and triglycerides. The dr. had him retake it in November to see if it was just a fluke. Well, the results came back and his levels were even higher this time! So, the dr. said he, and the whole family, need to go on a heart healthy diet because the problem is also familial. Every male on my husband's side of the family has had heart trouble. The dr. just told us to look up heart healthy diet on the internet and to follow it strictly for 3 months and then he'll retest his blood. If it hasn't gone down, he'll refer my son to and endocrinologist.

I thought we all ate pretty healthy, except for some of our snacks. All the males are average weight and my daughter and I are underweight. The dr. said we can't eat ice cream for our snack every night or cookies and cupcakes every day for our afternoon snack. Our morning snack is fine because we eat Triscuits and Wheat thins. Our every other day afternoon snack is fine because we eat fruit, smoothies, or vegetables with dip. Our meals are all pretty good too, but there are some minor changes we have to make to those.

I had no idea where to begin(unfortunately they said a nutritionist isn't covered by insurance) and a friend suggested the American Heart Association. So, I've spent hours doing research on the web and ordered some cookbooks, but I still have so much more I need to learn, but I'm not sure where else to look or who to turn to.

What we have done is go through our cupboards and based on the nutrition label info. I've found, eliminated all of our chips, candy(so much for Halloween), cookies, and boxed food. We gave some to my parents last night after Thanksgiving dinner and are going to give the rest to the local food pantry. We are going to finish the things that are already opened in our cupboards and replace them with healthier things.

The trouble is finding the healthier things to replace everything. I'm going to make a lot of things like cookies, pancakes and waffles(we just bought a waffle maker today) using egg whites and Heart Smart Bisquick. We're buying low sodium and low fat products. I've found some healthy baked chips, like veggie straws and sweet potato chips. We're going to eat more fruit and vegetables. We're going to eat sherbet and frozen yogurt instead of regular ice cream. We are freezing leftover chicken breasts from dinner to eat for our lunchmeat, instead of prepackaged lunchmeat.

There's still so much more I need to know and I'm so overwhelmed! I've been crying off and on for the last few days and have been staying up until almost midnight reading over everything I've found, but I'm exhausted.

I'm sorry this post is so long, and I still have so much more to say, but I better stop for now. So, I'm wondering if any of you can help me? Do you have any advice? Do you have any suggestions for healthy snacks? Do you know of any good recipes?

I will try and keep you updated more often on our journey.