Selling In A Retail Space

For the past 3 months, 2 other fellow Etsians and I have been sharing a space in an antiques store in Escondido. We had a space in the back and we were the only ones in the store that sold handmade goods. We didn't do very well in that store, even though we were there from Oct. - Dec. We thought we might pick up some Christmas sales, but we didn't.

Since last summer, we've been on the waiting list for the Rustic Sparrow on Grand Ave. in Escondido, CA. Well, lucky for us a space finally opened up! We found a 4th person to join us and we started moving in on Wednesday. This is what our space looks like so far.

The person on the very left with the cute knitted blankets is Joyce from Sweetybird09. My plastic canvas and buttons/magnets items are on the hutch and my shop is Brendashandmade. The next person whose photography is on the bookcase is Anna from Annulaki. The person with the jewelry on the black display is Sammi from OnceUponAString.

We are still working on making our space look just right, but most of it will be done by this weekend. If you're local and ever in the area, please stop by our space and let us know what you think. We are the second space on the right.

We are really hopeful for this location since we got a great spot very close to the front door. Also, there's a car show that happens every Friday night from April to September so we're hoping to pick up a lot of business from all those people that attend that event.

If you have any tips for us to make our space better or if you've sold in a retail shop and can share any advice with us, we would greatly appreciate it.