Prep for College

Well, no news/information yet from the high school about what we should be doing to prepare our son for college. I think the next SAT is coming up soon, so I thought they would have given him the registration info. for that, like they did last Spring. The only paper I've seen, which of course my son didn't show me - I just saw it sitting on the table, is workshops for college bound kids and their parents. I think that is only for first generation college students, and not second, like my son.

In the newspaper yesterday, I saw a report that UCSD, the college my son wants to attend, ranked #1 on some Washington list(I'm sorry, I forgot the official name). It's based on 13 categories, and the 3 the paper mentioned are research, civic duty, and availability to low income students. It's good that it's #1 on the list, but maybe that will make it even harder to get into now!

So, how are your college preparations going this week?