Healthy Changes

One of the biggest healthy changes we've made is switching from eating eggs to eating egg whites. This was huge! We used to eat egg salad sandwiches at least every 3 weeks for lunch. Also, anytime I needed a little something to eat because I was hungry or if my family picked a fast food restaurant I don't eat at, I would make scrambled eggs. Of course, in all my baking I used eggs too.

So, now I use egg whites from a box. Costco used to have a "real egg" product in a yellow box that was 99% egg whites, but it still looked yellow, like a beaten egg. So, that wasn't too bad and it's much easier and less messy to pour an egg from a carton than crack a real egg. Everything I baked seemed to turn out just fine also. I just needed to remember the amount of egg product used in baked goods that need to rise is different than the amount to use in other baked products.

Well, I was getting pretty comfortable with that egg product, so of course, Costco changed what they offer and now sell "100% egg whites." Today was the first day I needed to use them. So, I poured my usual amount into the measuring cup, but as I was pouring, I noticed a recipe on the side. Good thing I noticed before I poured the egg whites into my recipe, because there's also a chart on the side that shows how much egg whites to use for an egg(s). It was not what I usually use. So, I went ahead and followed the chart and made my banana chip muffins. They smell good and look the same, so I hope they taste the same. The real test will be tomorrow morning when the kids eat them for breakfast. I'm not going to tell them anything's different until after they eat them, to see if they notice.

Does anyone else use egg whites? What do you think about them? Have you ever used them to make scrambled eggs? I want to figure out how to do that.