Prep for College

At school, in my son's English Lit. class, they've been working on their personal statements they have to include with their college applications. I think it's great that the school is helping them accomplish this task. It takes a burden off the parents, which is wonderful, since we already have so much to do to aid with college prep. The counselors are supposed to come in their class every Friday to help with college prep. too. My son says they don't always come, but when they make it in, that's great.

My son said he's already started to fill out the application online for the UC system. Well, actually, the only reason he told me is because he needed his SSN, and I have it. LOL! My son's pretty quiet and doesn't talk too much, so when he does, it's fantastic! That's convenient that he can work on his application online a little at a time, whenever he has extra time, or has more info. to put in.

He's also been looking online for scholarships. He found one the other day for second generation Asian Americans, and lucky for him, his dad was born in the Philippines and came here and became a citizen. I hope he can find tons of scholarships to apply for and that he gets plenty. It would be fantastic to have enough to pay for all of his college expenses. Does anyone have any suggestions on scholarships or where to find them?