Perk Vent Wraps Review and Giveaway

As a Smiley360 member, I was sent four free Perk Vent Wraps to try. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own. These air fresheners just get inserted into your car's air vent and then it's ready to go. It's a unique patent-pending design that makes it virtually invisible. It gripes the vent blades, doesn't block the air flow, and leaves the air "invisible fresh." If you want to learn more about Perk Vent Wraps, please visit thiswebsite.

I tried the Vanilla Perk Vent Wrap in my van(that's what's pictured above). It is very easy to put on and take off; it just slips over the vent. The smell is very strong! If you like your air freshener to have a very strong smell, than this is for you. If you don't, then it's not. My oldest son has severe allergies and the scent was too strong for him. I like air freshener and candle scents, but this air freshener was too strong for me too, so we removed it. After about 2 or 3 days, the scent that still lingered was perfect. The van smelled nice for at least another week.

So, if you like strong scents and have really bad smells you want to get out of your car, like teenage boys, sweaty kids, or fast food, then this is the air freshener for you! If it's too strong for you, you can just do what I did - leave it in the car for a day, and then remove it, then the lingering scent will be just right.

I have been given 3 other vent wraps to give away to 3 of you. They are new car smell, lush valley and clean laundry. All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below, fill out one option or as many as you want. The giveaway ends at 12:00 a.m. eastern time on 06/15/14.

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