My Son's First Quarter in College

Well, since I talked a lot last year about "prep for college," I thought I would talk about how college is going for my son.

Since he took so many AP classes in high school, he was able to enter UC Irvine as a Sophomore in the Astrophysics program! Unfortunately, he didn't qualify for any financial aid, so he has to commute to school. He takes 2 different trains and a bus, 2 days a week; and that takes him at least 2 hours each way. Plus, his classes are over 2 hours before the bus comes to take him to the train. So, he's gone from 7 am to 6 pm 2 days a week. The other 3 days he takes my van to school because his classes get out too late for him to take the train, and because one day he only has one class for 50 minutes. It takes him about 1 hour and 40 minutes to drive each way, and then he has to walk from the park-and-ride, because he can park there for free rather than pay to park on campus. Those nights he comes home around 8 pm.

So far, college is going well for him, and he likes it much better than high school. He has some final projects due this week and then next week are his finals. He recently registered for next quarter, and was able to get the classes he wanted in his major, but wasn't able to get the computer science class he needed in order to double major.

Does anyone have any commuting advice or any other advice on college?