My First Week of Summer Vacation

Last week was our first week of summer vacation! We spent some time running errands, and the rest of the time at home. Two of my kids had dentist appointments. The dentist office said that week was very busy with everyone coming in now that school's out!

My oldest son had his finals last week, and now he has just one week off before he's back for summer school.

My daughter cleaned her room, read a ton of books for the library reading program(so many, that she's ahead of the program and can't get all the prizes she earned yet!), and had her orientation for her new job.

My youngest son and I cleaned most of his room. I think the only thing we have left is to go through his school papers tub. He also read for the library reading program and did some "homework." Every summer I have my kids, up until 8th grade, do a workbook or two so they're ready for the next grade. I always ask the next grade teacher what they want them to work on, and look for books that address those needs. He's going into 3rd grade, so he is working on memorizing multiplication facts and writing.

I started working on projects that I always catch up on in the summer. When I read a magazine, I tear out the pages that have things on them I like: websites, crafts, recipes, tips for your home, etc. Well, I had a whole bunch that had accumulated over the past couple of years and needed to sort through them and organize them into folders according to their topics. I also reconciled one bank statement, out of the three I have to do. I looked for jobs every day and applied to a few more. No word from any of them yet.

So, how was your week?