My Week

This week was tiring! My daughter worked 3 days this week starting at 5 am, 1 day at 7 am and 1 day ending at 10 pm. She's tired from working so much and my husband and I are tired from those early and late hours.

This week, I put all the 2014 photos into albums for my 2 sons and my husband/my photo album. Now all I have left is my daughter's; although her photo album is years behind. I used to scrapbook, but didn't have time anymore so I started putting them in albums. She decided she wanted to take over scrapbooking hers, but that only lasted 1 summer. So, now I have to try and catch up on putting hers in albums.

On Tuesday, we tried looking for the Fall Sunday School curriculum at our local Bible Bookstore, but we couldn't find one we like. It was very disappointing. Does anyone have any suggestions for curriculum you like?

On Wednesday morning, my daughter took her Senior Pictures! I can't believe she's a Senior already! Now comes the hard part of choosing the 3 poses we want, and the one for the yearbook. She, like a typical teenage girl, doesn't like any of her pictures, so my husband and I will just have to pick the ones we want. Pictures are so expensive! An 8x10, 2 - 5x7's and 8 wallets are $169!

On Wednesday afternoon, my husband took off half the day so we could go to the county fair. That was a lot of fun. We got some fudge(a huge treat that we only get once a year) and some dip mix(we love this and get this every year) from the vendors in the exhibit halls. We looked at all the animals, rides, and games, although my son only rode one ride. They are expensive too - one ride was $3! The only problem at the fair was how loud the area is where the monster trucks are. You don't have a choice other than to walk by it. It was so loud! I wasn't the only one running past it, plugging my ears!

On Friday, our city had its fireworks because that's its anniversary. We just watched from our house. It was a little hard to see, but we could see some in between a couple of houses on our street.

Yesterday we bought a grill. We used to bbq often, but I complained too much about the smell, so my husband hasn't barbecued in years. So, he finally decided a grill would be o.k. It doesn't smell and it's a healthy way to cook since the fat drips off. He was so excited about it, that he put it together last night, after picking my daughter up from work at 10. He then barbecued some hot dog and hamburgers for lunch today after church.

So, how was your week?