My Week!

What an overwhelming week I had!

On Sunday, I had to bake lots of things and do tons of dishes. I filled the dishwasher, dish drainer, and 4 dish towels!

On Monday, I had more baking to do!

On Tuesday, the teachers started back to school, so as a long-term sub., I went back too. The morning started with a meeting for the entire district. It went longer than it was supposed to and we had a new teacher meeting back at school, so I had to leave early. When I got the keys to my classroom and opened the door, I expected it to be just about ready to go. Well, it was a huge mess! The teacher had been working on it, but she had the baby early, so it was left in a huge mess!

On Wednesday, my daughter and son came to help me try to create some order out of the giant mess. We were able to get some things done, but there was still so much more to do.

On Thursday, it was my lowest day. We had a staff meeting in the morning, and that just brought my spirit's down. The principal is not a very good leader, in fact it's like he thinks he's on vacation all the time(and dresses like it too), and everything is fun and games. There were a lot of arguments and bad language during the meeting and it just made me sad that my daughter has to go to public school, and it was sad for me too. The teacher came to answer my questions and a little bit more got done, but not enough. The internet has been down all week, so I wasn't able to learn how to do the attendance or grades.

On Friday, I decided to not keep getting sick over this, and was determined to get stuff done. The department head told me it was going to be my class for at least 3 months, so I just needed to think of myself as the teacher and just go ahead and do things. The other teacher came in for a little while and gave me some packets for ASL I and II. I still don't have anything for ASL III. We finally got our class rosters at 2:30 in the afternoon! However, this day was a little bit better. The classroom finally looks like a classroom(with some help from my new friends, the custodians), and the syllabus was copied.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping and cleaned because my parents were coming over for dinner. My husband, daughter and I went to the classroom for a couple of hours. He's a software engineer, so he was going to see if he could fix my internet, but it's something on the school's end that's wrong, and I don't have access to that room. My daughter and I were able to get everything else ready in the room and amazingly, my first week packets were copied(one of the copiers broke down, so the copy guy was struggling to get it all done)! Unfortunately, the top page wasn't stapled on and my daughter and I had 10 minutes to staple them before the alarm would go on. At home, I was able to get all my papers organized and I'm ready for the first 2 weeks of school.

How was your week?