My Week

I haven't posted about my week for the last 2 weeks because they have been rough! Subbing as a high school American Sign Language teacher was tougher than I ever imagined! There was so much work to do, especially since I worked all 6 periods and didn't have a prep period, that I had to bring a lot home to do. I worked late into the night every night and all weekend. I also didn't have any training on the computer system, so I had to figure out how to do attendance and enter grades on the computer. I had about 240 students, so that is a lot of paperwork to keep up with.

Besides all the paperwork, the kids were much harder to deal with than I thought. My 2 older kids tried to warn me, but I thought it wouldn't be so bad and they would all be as excited to learn about Sign Language as I was to teach it. Boy, was I wrong! Most of the high schoolers had zero respect for me. When the second bell rang, signalling it was time for class to start, I expected them to quiet down, but they didn't. When I stood up to take roll, they didn't quiet down; when I started taking roll they didn't quiet down; and when I gave instructions, they didn't quiet down. I tried all kinds of things, ringing bells, knocking on the white board, talking louder, flicking the lights on and off, approaching individual tables, asking individual table numbers or students to quiet down, but nothing worked. I even took away participation points, but they didn't care and said their parents didn't care either. Once in awhile, when we were all signing something together, I could get them to all quiet down, but not often. They also picked on each other and accused each other's table of talking and claimed their table was innocent. The kids swore, and I made them go outside so I could talk to them. I think some of them were passing drugs to each other and then going to the bathroom to do the drugs. Some kids folded their arms and just looked at me, and refused to do anything. Many of the kids tried to argue with me, but I always kept my calm and didn't argue back. It was just a horrible 2 weeks.

I asked the admin. if there was anyone else that knew American Sign Language and could sub in the class for the rest of the time until the teacher returns. They told me they found someone who would work with me on Friday and then they would take over on Monday. That was great! Well, Thursday at lunch, the baseball coach comes in and says he's going to take over for me on Monday, but he can't come on Friday. I was so disappointed and upset because he doesn't know Sign Language! So, I left him tons of notes, and my daughter can help him first period, and I trained the T.A.'s how to help him the other periods.

I am just so sad and disappointed. I was really looking forward to teaching these kids American Sign Language. I prepped all summer and found tons of resources. I was so excited to teach at the high school, and it's so disappointing how it turned out. I lost 7 pounds over these past 2 weeks, and can barely eat and sleep. As much as I wanted it to work out, it just wasn't working. I am obviously not meant to teach high school. The people that do teach high school, must be super strong inside to be able to handle what the high schoolers can dish out.

So, I'm going back to elementary, where I belong. I already have 3 jobs lined up for next week, and hope to have lots more.