My Week

This was my last week before I go back to work at school, so I tried to get everything done I needed to this summer. I almost made it, but not quite. Oh well, I'm still proud of my accomplishments and I got a lot more done this summer than I usually do.

Last Sunday, we really enjoyed being back at our church. It sure was a lot different than the previous week. We felt really welcome and enjoyed talking with lots of people - adults and kids.

Monday was not a good day. When I was getting ready, I started to clean my glasses. One side fell apart in my cloth! I heard the screw drop. I cannot see without my glasses, so I had to bend down as close as I could to the floor and search for the screw. It's amazing how many blurry things on the floor look like a screw, but I finally found it. I made my way to the door, and couldn't open it because my hands were full - I only had 3 fingers available to open the door. I prayed for God to help me, and I was able to open the door. The kids were still asleep and my husband was on a phone meeting with India. I tried to quietly call his name from the top of the stairs, but he didn't hear me. I had to make my way down stairs I couldn't see and not being able to use the handrail because my hands were full. So, I had to slide my foot down one stair, slowly, until I felt the bottom and then bring down my other foot. When I finally made my way down, I'm sobbing, trying to quietly call my husband's name. He had to put the phone call on mute because he didn't want them to hear me crying. I handed him all the parts, but he was busy, so he couldn't fix them right then. I made my way back upstairs to wake up my oldest son and get the glasses' screwdriver. It took me awhile to get him a bowl, and when he realized what was going on, he said I better just let him prepare his breakfast. Finally my husband was able to fix them, and it was so nice to see again!

Then, later that day, my son had a dr's appointment. On his way home, someone backed into him! They were in a left turn lane and decided they wanted to go to McDonald's. They just threw it into reverse, ignoring his 20 honks, and backed into him. Thankfully no one was hurt. Their trailer hitch is imprinted in my son's bumper now. The other guy's insurance is going to cover it, so tomorrow we have to bring his car to the collision center and then get a rental.

On Tuesday, it was my daughter's last high school registration, since she's a senior. This registration was very quick; in fact it was the fastest it's ever been in 6 years. We also had to go to DMV so she could take her written test again. She passed a year ago, but ran out of time to get her driver's license. It was neat because the lady that processed her paperwork, recognized us and remembered she was the one that also processed her paperwork a year ago. She remembered us because she had religious socks in her cubicle last year and we commented on them and wondered where we could buy some. She remembered that too. In the afternoon, I was able to type up some of my notes from the meeting I had 3 weeks ago with the Sign Language teacher.

On Wednesday, we ran errands and then had a meeting with 2 of our Sunday School workers. I was able to type up some more of my Sign Language notes and sold one last thing on ebay. The rest of the items that didn't sell, will just have to be sold at our garage sale.

On Thursday, it was my youngest son's registration for 3rd grade. His registration is usually really easy - we just have to drop off some paperwork. Well, there was a long line and the people in front of us had been there for an hour! We ended up having to wait 50 minutes for our turn! Later that day, I was able to finish typing up all my Sign Language notes.

On Friday, my husband had the day off, so we went through 3 kitchen drawers and got them straightened up. Then, we went to Legoland. Since my daughter works there, we were able to go for free. She joined us when her shift was over, so the food that we purchased, was 30% off.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping, then took my daughter to her last day of work at Legoland. She isn't going to have time to work during school. I got some cleaning done and did some more things for my Sign Language class. My son and I went out to get the mail and a neighbor was outside. He invited my son to play basketball with him. Then his dad came out and challenged them to a game. It was really neat, because they're both 8, and he was teaching them how to play. We rarely get to play outside with anyone, so it was a great experience for my son.

I'm pretty nervous about what this week will hold with teacher meetings and getting my class ready, starting Tuesday. I will let you know how it goes.

So, how was your week?