My Week

This was a much better week for me!

I worked at my son's elementary school 3 days this week. 2 days as a roving sub in all the grades and 1 day in my son's old second grade class. I have mixed feelings about working as a roving sub. I don't like it because you just go in the class in the middle of what they're doing, and they never know what time you're coming. So, they're not usually prepared for you and you either pick up where they left off or they give you a filler activity to complete until they come back. Since you're in all the grades and their breaks and lunch times vary, you don't usually get a break or lunch unless you ask for it, because you could just keep going from class to class all day and never run into a break or lunch. I like being a roving sub because a lot of different teachers get to know who you are and that could lead to future jobs. Also, you get a chance to see all the different classes and see which ones you want to sub in or not.

I also worked 2 days in the French class at the high school. I've known the teacher for about 10 years, since our kids went to elementary school together, and she was a teacher there when I subbed there before. She said her class was much different than the American Sign Language class, and that I would enjoy subbing in her classes. Well, she was right! All of her students quieted down when they needed to and were respectful to me. I even remembered some of my French, from taking French for 4 years in high school, and was able to help the students complete their crossword puzzle and other assignment. I even read the quiz answers in French and they understood me, even though my accent wasn't as good as it used to be. They even said they enjoyed having me as their sub.

My daughter enjoyed leading her American Sign Language class. She talks to the baseball coach sub every morning and explains to him how the day will go. Then she writes the bellwork on the board and the agendas for all the classes. Then she teaches her class the vocabulary and explains the video when needed. The coach keeps the kids on track so she can teach. The other T.A.s in the other classes also teach the students the vocabulary. It's a lot of work for my daughter and the other T.A.s, but they don't seem to really mind.

So, how was your week?