My Week

Now that I'm back to regular subbing, I never know where I'll be! That was the nice thing about a long-term job - I always knew where I was going to be and had an idea of what my day would be like. Now, I can be at one school one day, and another school the next; and even sometimes 2 different schools in one day. This week was the first time I've ever subbed at other elementary schools other than the one my kids go/went to. That was an interesting experience. One of the schools was fine, and the other wasn't.

On Tuesday, it was my first day at a different school. It was raining, so that made the experience more challenging. I had to find the office, find the classroom, and find the lesson plans. I heard a noise, and was surprised to see a rabbit in a cage! I guess that's the class pet. Luckily, the lesson plans were easy to follow and the 4th grade students were pretty good. That was only a half day job, so then I went to the high school for another half day job in an English class. Surprisingly, the 12th grade students weren't bad.

On Wednesday, I went to a 5th grade class at a different school. I had heard good things about it from other subs, so I was excited to sub at this school. All of the staff was super friendly, greeting me along the way, and directing me to the class. I was excited to go pick up the class from the playground. Well, my excitement quickly faded because this class was worse than my high school sign language class! They would not stop talking no matter what I said or did! Then, they complained about not understanding the math lesson; well, that's because you won't be quiet and listen. They were also very rude to me in what they said. So, I won't be subbing 5th grade at that school again, but I do want to try younger grades there.

Thursday and Friday were back at my usual school, so that was easy because a lot of the kids know me. Thursday night was also the last back to school night I'll go to for my daughter, since she's a senior. It was nice to see a lot of the parents that I've known since elementary school.

Today, even though it was 90 degrees outside, I did some yard work. The fountain grass plant was getting so big that I kept running in to it every time I tried to get in the van, so it was past time to cut it.

How was your week?