My Week

This week was interesting. I had to make sure I took "one day at a time" because I was in a different school every day!

On Monday, I was in 2nd grade at my son's elementary school. I was subbing for his teacher he had last year, so that was easy since I already know how her routine. There's an aide in the room, and she and I had a good conversation about school and life in general.

On Tuesday, I was in 2nd grade at a school I've never been to. The class was much harder than I thought it would be. I know all about 2nd grade, so I thought it would be easy, but it wasn't! There were a lot of low kids in that class and even 2 kids that only spoke/wrote in Spanish. I don't know Spanish, so that was difficult. The other kids tried to help interpret, but because they didn't realize understand the assignments either, it was hard for them to translate to him.

On Wednesday, I was at the high school in a History class. There's a co-teacher in the class, so she ran it; all I had to do was push buttons on the computer. The kids were prepping for a test by playing a game that I controlled from the computer and they responded with their phones. I've never seen anything like that before! It's called Kahoot It.

On Thursday, I was at my son's school, in a 5th grade class. They did pretty well most of the day, but kind of lost it in the last hour.

On Friday, I was a roving sub at an elementary school I hadn't been to before. I was in 5th grade, Kindergarten, and 2nd grade. Usually 2nd grade is my favorite, but this time it was the Kindergarten class. They were so sweet and so cute, and I had fantastic parent helpers!

On Saturday, I helped my son sell popcorn for Boy Scouts, in front of a Lowe's store. It was a first for both of us. He's shy and talks quiet, so it was hard for him to sell at first, but as he did it more and more, he gained more confidence.

How was your week?