My Week

I didn't get a chance to write about my week last week, because it was just too busy. This week was a little better.

I was at one school on Monday, and then at another school in a 1st grade classroom Tuesday through Friday. It was nice to be at one school and class for 4 days. The teacher I worked with last year, is also at this school in the 1st grade, so we spent before school, recess, and lunch catching up. It was really nice. This school has a lot of low income kids, and one kid asked another why her teeth were yucky and she said it's because they didn't have any toothpaste. He told her she should buy some, but she said they can't right now, they have to wait. That makes me sad. If I was going back there the next day, I would've brought her some toothpaste.

This week was homecoming. My daughter went to the football game on Friday, and the homecoming dance on Saturday. She went to a friend's house to get ready for the dance. She went with a group of friends to the dance. It was her first and last homecoming dance, since she's a Senior. She didn't really like it because she didn't like the music and it was really hot in the gym. That's too bad, but at least she had the experience.

My youngest son and husband went camping with the Boy Scouts for the first time. They left on Friday and came back today. It was the first time away from my son, so that was hard. He said he liked it and had lots of fun doing things with his friends. My husband said he barely got any sleep because the ground is hard, and it was cold at night. He also said to get to the campground, it was 10 miles of dirt road and that was hard on his car.

So, how was your week?