My Week

My week was great, because most of us were home from school for President's week. I love having my kids at home with me, and I love being at home and not working.

On Monday, all 3 kids were off school(the only day all 3 of us had off). My daughter had what we thought would be her last orthodontist appointment, just to check on her retainer, but it unfortunately didn't work out that way. She wears her retainer every night like she should, but it's never fit right, and they knew it. Well, apparently, a couple of her bottom teeth now have too much space in between them where food can get caught and cause cavities. So, in a couple of weeks, they want to put in "buttons" on those two teeth and a rubber band to close that space. She'll have to wear those for a couple of weeks and then they'll make her a new retainer. She is not happy about it at all! In fact she didn't even want to have this done and would rather just be done with the orthodontist(she's already been going there over 3 years), but she finally agreed it would be better to have it done.

On Tuesday, my daughter and I went to the eye dr. and my youngest son had to come along since no one else was at home. My daughter's appointment went really well and since she only went up one click, she doesn't need glasses. My appointment was a little rough. The lady took my glasses to look at them, and when she brought them back, I immediately knew something was wrong with them, but didn't know what. All I knew was I was walking funny and felt nauseous. I am very near-sighted, have an astigmatism, and vertigo, so any little change to my glasses will affect all 3 things. She said she changed the nose pad and we would work on them until we got them right. She wasn't having luck with that, so I asked her not to ever change anything on my glasses again without first asking me. Since my glasses weren't right, I of course failed her initial eye tests. I asked her if she still had my old nose pads; she did, so I asked her to put them back on. She did, but they still weren't on right. When it was time to walk to the other room where the dr. was, I ran into the wall! I told him what happened and he told her not to touch my glasses again. He took one look at them, and knew what was wrong, and fixed them. Lucky for me, I also only went up one click, so I didn't need new glasses either!

On Wednesday, I was finally able to go to my dr. for severe side and back pain I've been having for over 3 weeks(my dad was in the hospital and skilled nursing facility for 3 weeks and my mom wasn't feeling well either so I've been taking care of them). I think I might have hurt myself from coughing. It hurts so bad all the time, but really hurts a lot when I sit against something, sleep, reach up, walk or close the windows. It wasn't obvious what was wrong, so he had me take chest, thoracic, and lumbar xrays, and also lots of blood tests. He also gave me a prescription form of aleve, but it isn't helping.

On Thursday, I went to get my blood taken for the labs, first thing in the morning since I had to fast. They had to take 4 vials. I have learned to make an appointment, so it goes much quicker. I was in and out within 20 minutes! My dad called and asked us to go with my mom to help her get a new microwave since their's broke. My poor dad hasn't gained back his strength yet, so that would've been too much for him. This has been really hard on him because he used to bike 100 miles a week! Luckily, my daughter was able to carry the microwave, because my mom can't, and I was no help with my painful side and back.

On Friday, I called the dr. because they should've had the xray results. The dr. wasn't in, but had left notes on the computer. It said I have compression of the T7 disc in my spine and might also have a pinched nerve. He recommended I go to physical therapy. They have to get a referral for that, so I have to wait to hear from them. In the meantime, I have lots of questions about the diagnosis, and how to proceed until physical therapy can start, but the nurse never called me back.

On Saturday, my parents came over for dinner, so after grocery shopping, I was cooking and cleaning all day.

So, how was your week?