A Blog I Follow and Why

Today, the blog I'm featuring is Barbara's Beat. The blog is written by Barbara. This is what it says on her blog: April 16, 2009, Barbara's Beat began blogging about family issues; helping moms find resources to save money, and make life easier; learn through reviews, and win giveaways; and keep updated about consumer issues. According to her profile, Barbara is a N.C. Grandma of three: a 17 year old boy, a 15 year old boy, and an 8 year old girl. She also has a 4 year old niece and a 2 year old nephew. She's been married 40 years, and is the wife of a retired First Sgt. in the US Army. They served four tours in Germany. On Barbara's Beat, you will find giveaways/reviews, blogger opps, and blog topics like DIY, crafts, tips, recipes, health, beauty and fashion.

I like Barbara and look forward to getting an email notification with a new blog post from Barbara's Beat. Her grandchildren are about the same years apart as my children, so we have something unique in common. About a year ago, I noticed Barbara had a lot of blogger opps on her blog and I wanted to know more about them, so I emailed her. She took the time to explain to me what it was all about and how it could help bring traffic to my blog and social media sites. I had trouble getting the blogger opp to work right on my blog, and Barbara was kind enough to reply to my many emails about how to adjust the picture settings and other things in order to get it to work. She was very patient with me. She even told me I could ask her for help any time I needed it. What a nice gesture from someone I've never even met!

Barbara is a genuine person and she always responds to comments on her blog. I think you would all enjoy reading her blog and getting to know her better also. Also, you just might win one of the giveaways she always has going on her blog!