My Week

This week wasn't very exciting, just a normal week. Normal is good sometimes, though.

Monday - Wednesday, I was lucky enough to have sub jobs at my son's school. It's always nice because we get to walk to and from school together. Most of the kids know me at the school, and most of them are well-behaved, so it makes for a pretty nice day. I also know a lot of the routines at the school, so I'm familiar with the lessons and how the day goes. I wish I could sub there more often.

Thursday, I didn't get a sub job, so I was at home. It was the only day in March that I didn't have a job! I did the grocery list, and baked muffins and the dessert. Then, I did odds and ends things that needed to be done around the house, that I normally don't have a chance to get to very often.

Friday, I worked for the teacher I worked with last year. Her students know me, since I've been in her class a few times this year, and I already know her routine, so it was a nice day.

Saturday, we went grocery shopping, then I cleaned, and made cinnamon rolls. We went to my parents' house for dinner.

So, how was your week?