My Week

This week was a pretty good week.

On Monday, I was in my son's third grade class. The kids know me, so it's usually a pretty good day. The day ended weird though. A boy comes in the class for the last hour and a half and is on the computer; I'm not sure why he's in the class. He went on some inappropriate websites, and I asked him to go on something else. The other students said he was still on it, and he got upset. He threw the headphones. An administrator came in, and in a little while I heard another noise. Apparently, he threw the keyboard too. She asked me to take the kids out to the track for awhile; there were only 20 minutes left in school. They let us back in at the end just to grab their things and go home. The boy left after we were out of the room.

On Tuesday, I was in a second grade class I've been in before. It was neat, because they were reading a story in their anthology about a Deaf boy and his Deaf class going to a concert. It had a lot of signs in the book and I was able to teach them to the kids. They had fun learning sign language, and I had fun teaching it to them.

On Wednesday, I didn't have a job, so I balanced my checkbook and picked out my next craft project to work on. I also went to physical therapy. Unfortunately, he said he's done all he can and my back isn't getting better, so he's sending me back to my doctor.

On Thursday and Friday, I was in the first grade class of the teacher I worked with last year. They know me and I know how the class works so both days were good days. Since I'm at that school a lot, I got lots of hugs from students from other classes that know me. That always makes my day.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning, and my parents came over for dinner.

How was your week?