My Week

This week was a little sad and frustrating, so I hope next week will be better.

On Monday, I didn't have a job. I had 64 Monopoly tickets from Vons to go through; unfortunately, I didn't win anything. I also had some cooking to do and caught up on email.

On Tuesday, I was in a 4th/5th combo. class. The kids were talkative, and a few said some things that hurt my feelings, so it was a rough day. I know kids don't like subs, but they don't have to personally attack someone.

On Wednesday, I subbed in a 3rd grade class I've been in before. The kids were very disrespectful. 6 kids got their names written on the board, and I had to send 2 of them to the office. One of them even said he was going to act up because he wanted to get sent to the office!

On Thursday, I was in the first grade class of the teacher I worked with last year, so that was a good day, since I know the routine and the kids know me.

On Friday, I was in a first grade class I hadn't been in since before Christmas vacation. The kids were a little talkative because it was a rainy day and we were all stuck inside all day!

On Saturday, I did my usual cleaning and running errands.

Today, we tried out a new church. We picked it because my daughter went to preschool there a long time ago, and they have a Deaf ministry. My minor is American Sign Language, and my daughter is learning ASL in high school. They also have a really neat looking kids' program. My husband stayed with my son for a little while, until a fellow student from his school came, and then he was fine. My daughter and I had a wonderful time watching the interpreter. At the greeting time, the interpreter talked to us, and some of the Deaf people signed to us also. After the service, the interpreter talked to us more and welcomed us into their Community! He even has a Deaf organization as his work and I might be able to be involved there also. The pastor's sermon was good and based on Scripture, and he was very passionate about what he was preaching. We also saw my older son's previous private trumpet teacher. My younger son really enjoyed the kids' program and he liked the teacher. So, it was a really good visit.

How was your week?