My Week

On Monday, on our morning walk, my son and I saw that they're putting a new playground in at his school. Unfortunately, it's the younger kids' playground, so he won't get a chance to play in it. In the morning, I also reconciled my checking account for June and re-filled our snacks in the new baskets I have. In the afternoon, I went through half of my sub book, preparing for next school year, and my son and I played Frisbee in our backyard. My mom's hemoglobin levels were low so she had to have a blood transfusion in the ER. They had to give her 3 bags of blood, so they were there until 3:30 in the morning! I was only able to go and visit for about an hour, but it was very busy. There sure are some interesting people in the ER!

On Tuesday morning, my daughter helped me inventory our school supplies. I compared our current inventory with our inventory from the beginning of the school year so we know how many school supplies we need to purchase. School sales are starting now, so it's time to get shopping! In the afternoon, I finished going through the rest of my sub book and found lots of great things for next school year. I also did some yard work while my daughter and youngest son colored, with chalk, the bricks on our patio. The surgeon called today, and my mom's surgery has been moved up to this Friday afternoon.

On Wednesday morning, after our walk, my 9 year old son and I played Hangman. After lunch, we went to Staples to take advantage of their school supplies sales. I also had to make lots of copies of things I found in my subbing books that would be great to have for "just in case" assignments. I never realized they had a copy limit of $100, so I didn't quite get all of my copies made. I think I'm set for life though! Then, we went to the library so my son could get this week's library reading program prize - he got a dinosaur book.

On Thursday morning, my son and I played Battleship. I started to work on my grocery list, but because my mom's surgery is tomorrow, there were a lot of phone call interruptions. I finally finished after lunch. I was just about to sit down and look at my email when my best friend called. We're only able to talk about once a year, so our conversations are usually about an hour and a half. Later, I did yard work in the front yard and my kids did sidewalk chalk in the backyard. Since we're in a drought in CA, we can't water our grass. Well, we just got a nasty letter from the homeowner's telling us to plant new grass or submit plans for drought tolerant landscaping within a week!

On Friday morning, after our walk, I baked the dessert and cooked the dinner. That way my kids and husband will be all set, no matter what time I get home from my mom's surgery at the hospital. My mom's surgery went well, although it was delayed 3 hours because of the surgery before. Her surgery also took 3 hours, instead of an hour and a half. The dr. says he thinks he got it all. Pathology results come back in about 5 days. She also had to wait for a room, so we didn't get to see her until 9:30.

On Saturday, we went grocery shopping, and then I spent the rest of the day with my dad at the hospital, visiting my mom. She sat up in a chair twice, and they were able to take her off the oxygen. She was also allowed to have ice chips.