One of My Favorite Etsy Shops - MomsRCrafty

One of my blogging topics every month is to share with you my favorite Etsy Shops. I used to sell my crafts on Etsy, but had to stop when I started back to work at my subbing job. While on Etsy, I found lots of shops I love to shop at and made lots of friends too. Today, I'll be sharing with you an Etsy shop belonging to a lady I became friends with.

MomsRCrafty is an Etsy shop, run by my friend Rhonda, and her friend Juanita. I think it would be really fun to be able to run an Etsy shop with your friend! Rhonda and I quickly became friends on Etsy; we were on several Etsy teams together. She sells things made out of plastic canvas, like I did, and also lots of wreaths and other things for your home. Now that I'm not on Etsy anymore, Rhonda and I still keep in contact through Facebook and email. She's a really good listener and a very caring person.

Rhonda and Juanita sell lots of wreaths in their shop, like this cute Summer Fun Tulle Wreath.

Here's a really pretty Pink Basket with Beads made out of plastic canvas.

Here's a nice Key Fob made out of plastic canvas. This would help keep your keys from getting lost in your purse, and my son would like it because it's green like the Ninja Turtles.

I love this Mouse Pad because it has a mouse stitched on it.

Here's a very pretty Jute Mesh Table Centerpiece that would brighten up any home and add a little joy.

They also sell lots of great things for all the holidays, like this Christmas Season Tulle Wreath.

So, the next time you need decorations for your home or a gift for someone, visit MomsRCrafty on Etsy, and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.