My Week

On Sunday, we had a busy church day. My daughter, youngest son, and I all served in the children's ministry area in the first service. In the second service, I signed half the service, and another interpreter signed the other half. It worked out really well this time, and our transitions were smooth. After church, I did laundry and watched the NASCAR race with my oldest son. I also tried to catch up on email.

On Monday, I subbed in the same 3rd grade class at my son's school that I subbed in last Thursday. Since they're used to me and I'm used to the routine, the day went pretty well. Soon after I got home, I cooked dinner. I had several things to do on the computer, so I didn't get to my email until 8:30 pm. It's also my youngest son's 10th birthday! I can't believe he's in the double digits now!

On Tuesday, I didn't get a job until 6:20 in the morning. It was only for a half day in a first grade class at a school I haven't subbed at yet this year. The class wasn't there when I got there because they were late coming back from a field trip to see a play. So, when they arrived, it was time for lunch. After lunch, we did a turkey project, ran on the track, then it was time to go home. It was a pretty easy day, although they were quite wound up from the field trip. When I got home, I had to take out the trash and water all the plants. After dinner and dishes it was time to pick up my daughter from the train.

On Wednesday, I didn't have a job. So, I cleaned the baseboards and walls in the downstairs bathroom and the hallway. I wanted to do more, but I only had 2 Magic Erasers and they were used up just with that. They did a really good job cleaning, though. After I picked up my son from school, I got caught up on email.

On Thursday, I subbed in a 2nd grade class I've been in before. The kids already know me, so they're already ready to learn when we walk in the class; there's no adjustment period, which is nice. Although, one student ended up stealing another student's lunch, blamed it on another student in another class, and when caught, continued to lie about it! After school, I made my grocery list. After dinner and dishes I walked on the treadmill.

On Friday, I subbed in a 1st grade class I've been in before. There's usually an older lady in there that volunteers, but she had the day off too. I was a little worried how the kids would do without her there, but they were just fine. We had a good day together. After school, I went on my walk. After dinner, I made the dessert for the week. I didn't finish all my tasks until 8:30 pm, and finally had a chance to look at my email.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. There were a lot of people shopping! After lunch, we went shopping for my son's birthday presents. We always let the kids have a certain amount of money to use to buy their presents. Then, we tore out some more of the grass in the front yard. I made cinnamon rolls for our breakfast for the week. Since I didn't have much time on the computer yesterday, I tried to get caught up on some of my tasks.

How was your week?