My Week

Well, I thought since my mom was home from the hospital that my week would get back to normal, but unfortunately that didn't happen. On Sunday morning, my dad couldn't wake my mom up so he called 911. She's a diabetic and her blood sugar was only 46. The paramedics gave her juice, made her a sandwich, and gave her an iv. When her sugar level was better, they left.

On Monday morning, I had just put the mouthwash in my mouth when the phone rang. I thought it might be a nonsense call, so I just answered with "Mmm hmmm." Well, it ended up being my dad so I quickly spit out the mouthwash. The same thing happened again, but this time my mom's sugar was only 38 so they took her to the hospital. After 7 hours in the ER, she got to go home. Her dr. is cutting her insulin dosage in half. Since she isn't eating that much yet due to the surgery, that's what's causing the drop in blood sugar.

On Tuesday morning, my mom's blood sugar was still low - 41 - but since she woke up this time, they didn't need to call 911. My dad just gave her some juice and candy, like the paramedics had done before, and that helped her sugar come up. Since she's o.k., I went through the weekly store circulars looking for what grocery/school items to buy this week. In the afternoon, I tried to catch up on email and started putting together my subbing folders. I also did some yard work.

On Wednesday morning, my son and I went for our walk. Then I worked on a review. My mom's sugar was a little better, in the 5os, but still low. At least she woke up. She had a good report from the surgeon. He got all the cancer and the 24 lymph nodes they tested are all clear. According to him, she doesn't need any more treatment. He said the primary care dr. on Friday may have different thoughts, so we'll see. It was really good news though. In the afternoon, we went to a few stores and were able to buy almost all the rest of our school supplies. My son, daughter and I played basketball in the backyard until it was time to cook dinner.

On Thursday morning, I had an interesting walk. I heard a phone ringing, and it wasn't mine, and I didn't see anyone. Then, I saw a man walking with a phone in his hand and he was calling someone. He was also walking with a cup of coffee in his hand, without a lid on. On my way back, I saw him across the street and when another walker saw him, they obviously knew each other. I heard him say someone had stole his phone, and I heard her say she couldn't believe it was in the street. I realized, he had been calling his phone trying to find it, and finally found it! That was a weird experience. When I got back, I worked on a puzzle with my son and then made the grocery list. After lunch, I made muffins and then worked on my subbing stuff. I started typing a list of things to do from the 2 subbing books I have. Later in the afternoon, my son and I did yard work.

On Friday morning we went for our walk, cleaned out the entry way closet, and worked on the puzzle. I made new recipe, Rocky Road brownies for our dessert. After lunch, I worked on more of my subbing stuff. Later, my daughter, son and I played the Red Rover game we have, in the backyard.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. It took so long, I didn't get to eat lunch until 2:00! After that we went through my son's school uniforms to see what still fit and what didn't. Then we went shopping for what he needed. We didn't find any tennis shoes or a jacket for him though. We'll have to try again next weekend maybe.