A Blog I Follow and Why: Moms Own Words

Today the blog I'm featuring is Moms Own Words. The blog is written by Kristi. Here is some of what's written on her "about" page: "Hello! My name is Kristi. I am the owner, editor and writer of Moms Own Words. I have been married to my husband Grant for thirteen years. We have two boys, James and Ryan and we live in Massachusetts. While I do include posts about our family life, and products/toys that would appeal to kids, it’s more about Mom’s here. (You don’t necessarily have to be a mom either!) I love finding new and interesting products for Moms/women and blogging about my discoveries in the form of product reviews and giveaways...I take pride in my blog and I hope that shows through in my writing. I do test out all of the products that I receive for review and post an honest, well-thought out review in each case. I write with my readers in mind and always post original content based on my experiences." On her "about" page, she also talks about why she posts recipes and food giveaways, book reviews and giveaways, volunteering and free online resources, press releases, and writing services.

I like reading Kristi's blog. She is a great person to get to know and I enjoy reading about her and her family. She seems like a very kind person who genuinely cares about her readers. At the top of the blog, she has the titles of the topics she writes about. You just have to click on it to be directed to those articles. On the side of the blog, she also has her giveaways listed. Her current articles are Wordless Wednesday, Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Giveaway and Review, Best Insurance Coverage and Price with YourPoncho & $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway, and Fiber One Cheesecake Prize Pack Giveaway.

Kristi is always great about returning the favor, and commenting back on my blog when I comment on hers. I really appreciate that because it encourages me that there are kind people in the blogging world who want to help each other out. I think you would all enjoy reading her blog also and getting to know her better. Moms Own Words.